Intern Report on Real Estate

Topics: Human resource management, Human resources, Management Pages: 40 (7882 words) Published: April 27, 2013
1.1 Introduction:

In today’s world, business houses create a tremendous and continuous positive contribution on national and international economy. It is multipurpose server by huge production, distribution, export and import. Business houses are developing and modifying day to day towards a successful and performance oriented organizations. These organizations are now a days finding out their key factors for both the existence and success in today’s corporate and fast paced business environment. It is not only for the business organizations, all service producers, educational institutions, non-government organizations even government organizations are concern today for providing better and competitive service. Some modern organizations put their steps in the field of corporate social responsibility. These include national, international or multinational companies. Even today we see several financial institutions, banks, mobile phone companies are working for the greater welfare of the ordinary people. This is now happening in our country. This is a positive change of the attitude of the management of the companies. Managements have started to care about their soul-forces, which are their human resources. We have to look before some couple of decades ago when employees were treated as like as machine. Days started to be changed by some noble pioneers who taught to treat employees as human resources not as people at work. With the passage of time organizations become employee-friendly. This is not happened universally, all over the world but generally, even in our country. With the change of thinking of managements, employee attitude also reached on a platform where employees want to provide better service. In this context this is an attempt to reach a conclusion that what employees do and realize their duties, responsibilities, work environment with their pay-package. A firm has been selected as subject where the entire job is done. This work will reveal employee satisfaction level in context with their salary, duties and work environment and ultimately employee attitude towards their management. Multifoods options have been justified to enrich the work. Employees with higher salary and better environment, higher salary with typical environment, ordinary package and better environment or even ordinary package with typical work environment etc. employee duties, responsibilities have also considered with these functions as catalyst. This work will also disclose the best policy of the management that it supposed to perform for the best of all the stakeholders of the organizations.

1.2 Background of the Study:

It is a great opportunity to learn about the corporate culture during the internship and as an executive of Imperial development and holding development. I got a chance to prepare my internship report about Imperial development and holding development. Of the topic HRM Practices and Employee Satisfaction of real estate firm Imperial development and holding development. This opportunity helps me to learn about the administrative and HR Directorate. Imperial development and holding development. is a real estate company and the member of REHAB. During the job I got enough knowledge about the functions of various departments and the functions of admin and HR. It’s really impossible to highlights all the activities of Imperial development and holding development. In this report but I try to summarize and gives enough data related to my internship topic. I think this report able to give enough idea about the mentioned topic.

1.3 Importance of the Study:

As it is said earlier, organization is now-a-days performance based and employee oriented. This work will clearly expose the final statement regarding a better condition of the organizations where employees are treated as human resources and employees are also enjoy a really soothing work environment with satisfactory pay-package with future safety and security...
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