Intermediate Sanctions

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  • Published : October 15, 2010
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* Write a 200- to 300-word response defining what intermediate sanctions are, their purpose in the criminal justice process, and their function as a sentencing alternative. Then, answer this question: Do you feel intermediate sanctions are an appropriate punishment? Explain your rationale. *

Intermediate sanctions are sanctions that are more restrictive than probation and less restrictive than imprisonment. The main purposes of intermediate sanctions are to reduce the pressures of overcrowded jails and prisons, and understaffed probation officers, and offices. There are two primary types of sentences for committing a crime, which are to be imprisoned, and probation but the judge also has other sentencing options that he/she can oppose, such as intermediate sanctions. These sanctions are fines, community service, restitution, forfeiture, and pretrial diversion program. Fines are payment to the court for the crime in which you committed. Community service is where you have to work for free to pay off your debt to society. Restitution is the money that the judge orders the offender to pay the person, family or business for damages related to the crime. Forfeiture is the government seizes all private property attached to the criminal activity. Pretrial diversion programs are an alternative to trail where the offender is offered specific counseling or treatment program in return for a withdrawal of the charges. There are other program which fall under the intermediate sanctions such as, day reporting center where the offender reports daily, for treatment, education, and incapacitation; intensive supervision probation, which are overseen by probation officers with lighter case loads, and the restriction are stricter than normal probation; shock incarceration, also know as, “scared straight” a form of rehabilitation which shocks the with the hardship of prison; home confinement and electronic monitoring, is when a prisoner serves the terms of their sentence in...
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