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A: so, tell me about you new house. How is it different to your old one? B: well, first of all, it’s much bigger. It has the same number of rooms, but each room is larger. We also have a larger garden, which our dog loves, of course! A: so, it’s a three-bedrooms detached house?

B: yes. One bedroom is for my wife and i. there’s another for our daughter. My wife wants to use the third one as a guest room, but I’d like to make it into a study. Our daughter is also keen on making it a study, so that’s probably what will happen. A: what’s the kitchen like? I know both you and your wife like to cook. B: that’s one of the main reason we chose that particular house. The kitchen and dining room are together. It’s really large. A: are the rooms nice and bright?

B: yes, they are. That’s very important to us. We like to live in a home with plenty of natural light. Each room has large windows. A: do you have a balcony?
B: no, we don’t. we wish we had one. That’s the only thing we wanted, but don’t have. The area is very nice and the neighbours seem friendly. A: you’re right on the edge of the city, aren’t you? There can’t be much noise or traffic there. Is it easy to get into city centre? B: it’s a very quiet neighbourhood. There’s some traffic, but not much. It’s not very difficult to get to the city centre, but you must remember to turn left and right at the right places or you’ll get lost. So when are you going to drop by?
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