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Intermediaries – companies or individual that act as brokers or middlemen between the tourists and the suppliers

Tour Operator - Organize package tour together & offer for sale to the public

Inclusive Tour – at least two elements are offer for sale at inclusive sale price and involve a stay of more than 24 hours in overnight accommodation

Nature of tour packages sold by the tourism industry divided into two types: •Use of traditional charter flight
•Use of scheduled flight

The Business of Tour Operation
•Allow the different tourism sectors to sell their capacity in advance •Negotiate contracts and deals especially in holidays
•Guaranteed level of sales
•Add mark ups on the product selling

Role of the “New” Consumer and Future Trend in Tour Operating •“New” tourism is characterized by more experienced travelers •“New” tourism offers the tourism industry many growth opportunities

Travel Agent
-act as intermediaries between the customer and the supplier -Supply the public with travel services

Travel agents deals with a diverse range of task including: •book accommodation, transport, tours and cruises for clients •prepare itineraries
•issue tickets and collect payment
•do general administration duties
•organize and book conferences
•give advice on travel or holiday plans
•give information on accommodation, transport, and places of interest •advise and help with visas, passports, insurance and other travel-related documents.

Travel Agents role in tourism:

Intangible - incapable of being perceive by the sense of touch, as incorporeal or immaterial things Perishable – subject to decay, ruin, or destruction
Dynamic – pertaining to or characterized by energy or effective action Heterogeneous – different in kind; unlike; incongruous
Inseparable - incapable of being separated, parted, or disjoined

Three important implications for the business of travel distribution: 1. Cost of setting up the business is relatively small
2. Agents are only able to sell products made available by the tour operators or principals 3. Agents are not seeking to dispose of products that they have already purchased

Travel agents also specialize in business travel:
* Individual business travel (corporate travel) – work with companies, making travel bookings for people travelling for work * Occasional work activities

Online Travel
-The acquisition of information and the purchase of travel related services from businesses selling on the internet

Impact of ICT on the travel agency; Market will be categorized by: •Scale and scope to serve the mass market with the key brands and network distribution channels •Evolution of a new form of travel agency

•Reduction in the number of convention high street travel agents


-a necessary component in the development of tourism within any destination that seeks to serve visitors other than day trippers -The quality and range of accommodation available will both reflect and influence range of visitors to a location -Plays an important role in the overall economic contribution which tourism markets at a local and national level

Accommodation product comprises:

Defining the Accommodation Sector
1. Hotel -An establishment that provides lodging and usually meals and other services for travelers and other paying guests -Most significant and visible sub sector within accommodation or lodging

Three major operating models with various combinations:
1. Own and operate
2. Franchise partner
3. Manage the property on behalf of an owner

2. Guest houses, bed and breakfast, farm house accommodations, inns -Offering accommodation plus some food and beverage in a small, family style environment

3. Self-catering accommodation – apartments, cottages, gites etc -Combination of accommodation with additional...
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