Interlanguage Studies

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Interlanguage Studies

By | April 2011
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Rediscovering Interlanguage (Applied Linguistics and Language Study) Author: Larry Selinker
Longman Group UK Limited 1992
288 pages
Includes bibliographical references and index
Price: $24.95
In Rediscovering Interlanguage, Selinker attempts to 'purposefully misread' the literature in the areas of contrastive analysis (CA), error analysis (EA), and bilingualism to show that they predicted interlanguage (IL) data. The author pursues this tedious task, unsuccessfully and unconvincingly, in an introduction followed by ten chapters. Chapter 1, 'Beginning: Fries/Lado,' discusses the historical significance of systematically comparing the first language and the second language for pedagogical purposes. Chapter 2, 'Towards interlanguage: Uriel Weinreich,' focuses on the work of Weinreich and his contribution to the bilingualism literature. Chapter 3, 'Units and equivalence across linguistic systems: Some bilingual data,' discusses the learner's problems of identifying seemingly equivalent units across linguistic systems. The author seeks to establish a correlation between linguistic theory and the CA literature in chapter 4, 'Some problems of comparison: The CA literature.' Chapter 5, 'Some CA and EA (and possibly IL) data,' offers testable hypotheses based on data from previous studies. Chapter 6, "Theoretical advances: Corder and Van Buren,' is a summation of their contributions to second language acquisition (SLA). Chapter 7, 'The quintessential CA/IL notion: Language transfer,' discusses the contributions of CA studies and the role of language transfer in SLA. Chapter 8, 'The continual discovery of IL,' argues for the IL hypothesis to be a viable hypothesis for SLA. Chapter 9, 'The reality of fossilization: An allegorical account,' is a fictitious conversation between the author and several linguists discussing 1

the notion of fossilization. Chapter 10, 'Reframing interlanguage: Where we are,' surveys the previous chapters and suggests further research in a...

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