Interior Freedom

Topics: God, Prayer, Religion Pages: 2 (512 words) Published: February 6, 2013
Kate Hughes February 7th, 2013
Interior Freedom- Final Mr. Hieronymus
When you think of freedom, what do you think of? Do you think of freedom of speech or petition? Freedom of all people? Taking away your freedom? Father Jacques Philippe’s opinion is divergent from most and he presents his ideas and thoughts in his amazing book, Interior Freedom. This book informs Christian faith and about how the one thing that no one can take away from me is the most important, and that is faith and a relationship with God. The goal of this book was not to help you understand completely what freedom is, but to more fully understand it and to find what freedom means to you.

We can pray to God every day, all day, because our faith is universal. Our freedom helps us in making frequent acts of faith. Freedom is expressed and increased by praying for an increase of faith, by studying the truths, by living according to God’s will, by choosing friends and acquaintances wisely, and by reading or viewing only good things, avoiding anything against the teachings of the Church. Our freedom is the only way we can achieve any of these things.

Freedom also helps us to grow in our hope. It does this because our hope is the ability to trust in God, and our freedom is also the ability to have a faith and to trust in our hearts. If we can’t trust in our hearts, then how can we trust in a god that we have no communication with? (other than prayer.) This is why freedom helps us grow in our hope. It helps us to believe and trust in that we never could before. True freedom is listening to our hearts and we can hope that if our relationship with Christ gets stronger, then our hearts will want God’s will and that will make us stronger.

Another thing freedom helps is to get us closer to love. Love for God. Love for others. Love for all. Freedom helps us to love others because we all have the freedom to love. God gave us the freedom to have...
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