Interior Design Programs

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Wrong Expectations

I always wanted to come to the United States for studying and playing tennis at a university. I had no idea how the school system here works, but it was already strange to me that I have had to take all those core classes. I actually wanted to study interior design because I would study something I would like to and what I want to do for living after graduation.

I am majoring in interior design right now. The United States school system makes you to take all kinds of core classes first though. Usually, they are the same classes people took in high school already, maybe with some more detail. Basically, the system does not let you study you passioned area in first place, which takes you longer for graduating again. That means you will stay in college at least for four years, and that means, more money for the university.

I have chosen interior design as my major because I had the idea I will work a lot with computers, draw room plans with special computer programs and learn how to work with all the different kind of softwares. Before I was even able to get into the interior design program I had to take all kind of different drawing classes to create my portfolio for two semesters. These classes have not been easy for me since I am not the best artist by far. Furthermore, the drawings took me even more time then if had to study for a normal class. Moreover, the drawing tools, all the different pencils, colors, inks and paper were pretty expensive. After those three semesters, I basically did not need them anymore.

After three semesters I made it into the interior design program, finally. I came back here this semester really excited and ready to start studying what I want to do after I graduate. My idea of interior design was working a lot on the computer. Since we are in the 21st century, almost everything is connected with working on the computer. Using different auto-cat programs became mandatory in these fields. Auto-cat is a...
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