Interior Design Can Affect Our Mood, Behavior and Our Budget

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  • Published : February 26, 2012
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Topic: Interior Design
General Purpose: To inform
Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the importance of interior design in our lives. Central Idea: Interior design can affect our mood, behavior and our budget. Main Points:Interior design can affect our mood.

Interior design can affect our behavior.
Interior design can affect our budget.
Opening:Years ago, I owned cleaning business. I specialized in residential cleaning. My clients were different individuals and their personalities were reflected in their homes. There were some homes where I loved to go to work, and there were others that I literally hated. It was not so much the mess and the dirt that distracted me, but the lack of functionality, the space flow and the beauty or style. Every time, I would finish my work, I felt exhausted even if the house was small. The constant fight with oversized furniture, the clutter, the absence of either natural or artificial light, bad smell or simply lack of any style or beauty was making my life miserable. Introduction:Obviously, interior design can affect our mood, behavior and most important, our budget. We are surrounded with interior design and cannot escape from its influence. Body:Interior design can affect our mood in a positive or negative way. Creating a mood of intimacy, relaxation or comfort can be accomplished by using well-balanced light. Several studies show that light has a tremendous effect on human beings. For example, if the room is too dark or extremely bright, our mood is very down, but with just the right amount of light, the mood improves. For instance, lighting in restaurants is very important. Soft light with the combination of white tablecloths and a crystal chandelier will help improve the dining experience. It will create a mood where people tend to be open to conversation. They will stay little bit longer and perhaps spend more money. Hospitals are another example of the importance of lighting....
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