Interior Design

Topics: Design, Environment, Interior design Pages: 2 (320 words) Published: March 16, 2013
Residential interior design is focused on living spaces. These designers work to create livable and comfortable apartments, houses or rooms. Concerns such as storage, family life and functionality should all come into play when working with a residential designer. Fabrics, materials and finishes should be chosen to fit into your lifestyle.

Commercial interior design is focused on business spaces, including offices, lobbies and restaurants. Flow of traffic, integration of business equipment, and customer comfort should all be taken into account by a commercial interior designer. Commercial designers are also more comfortable handling larger scale spaces and creating a unified appearance in multiple commercial spaces.

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Green and Environmental Design
Some designers have chosen to focus on environmentally friendly design and materials. This type of design can be residential or commercial, and some designers are comfortable working with both types of design. Some green designers can assist you in sourcing resources for eco-friendly lighting, plumbing options and air filtration. If an environmentally friendly space is your priority, this is the type of design best suited to your needs.

Some interior designers have chosen to focus on creating spaces that can be used and enjoyed by people with varying abilities and needs. Concerns for this type of interior design include kitchen or bath functionality, allowing ample access for wheelchairs and mobility devices and making spaces work for everyone in a family or workplace.

Some designers focus specifically on creating low cost spaces. This type of design might even strive to use what you already own to rework your home or office without substantial costs. Consider a budget-conscious designer if you are looking for a consultation instead of full service design, if...
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