Interim Report Example

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This document contains the interim report of - This report will tell what has been achieved, what still needs to be done in every department in the organization and in which timeframe. The employees of the RB company have been working greatly and putting a lot of effort to be a stable company and ultimately grow into a successful company. This report will show the companies past activities and if they have been completed successfully. Moreover, this report will also include our future goals and perspectives.


Chief Executive Officer
Rainy Business


Rainy Business was established in last semester and experienced a whole new process of running a business. The marketing department has taken part in the process of developing products and finding the right way to price, promote and to sell the products. Selling technique

In the business plan the Marketing and Sales Department illustrated a specific analysis about the 4p’s. Especially in promotion, the focus was on substantially expanding the selling channel of the company. We thought about selling the different kinds of raincoats through twitter, facebook, personal selling, direct marketing and selling through a website, but eventually personal selling turned out to be the best selling technique for our product.  Target group

At the start of the life of the company the idea was to focus especially on tourists as target group. By selling our products in the city-center of Amsterdam the company discovered that everyone who needs a poncho fits our target market. Since tourists were not really willing to buy our company’s ponchos including the city-centre map Rainy Business decided to change our product line. Therefore the company does not focus on tourists anymore but on every person in crowded places who is in need of a poncho. Goals & Objectives 

The company has bought several kinds of rain ponchos at the beginning of the 2nd period. After trying to sell the rain ponchos, Rainy Business discovered that the disposable rain ponchos were selling a lot easier. So the marketing department decided to focus on the disposable ponchos, simply because that generates the quick sales, which our company could really use, with concerning the financial position at the moment.

Valentine’s Day
The marketing department started to think of new proper dates to sell our rain ponchos and came up with the idea to sell on Valentine’s Day. The reason why Rainy Business is to believe that there will be a lot of sales that day, is due to the fact that our company will order ponchos in red and maybe in white, which represent the colors of love. Our marketing department believes that when you sell the ponchos in these colors at that very moment, that it will sell much better than normal. Market fair

The annual Market Fair is coming up, so the marketing department thought of a way to attract people to our stand. And they came up with a few solutions, the first one was: create an Easter theme around the stand and maybe have some people dressing up as an Easter bunny. The second idea was: that the members of Rainy Business could have real live mannequins walking around with our ponchos in all different colors in order to attract people to our market place and of course in order to get the attention of the ladies and gentlemen walking around. End of year

By the end of this year the company hopes to have sold enough ponchos to make a good profit. Another important goal is getting satisfaction of the shareholders, which could possibly lead to an after live of the Rainy Business.

Production department
In the last couple of months, the production department has putted a lot of effort in satisfying the company’s expectations. The department did a lot of research, like researching different kind of products that we can sell. The production department first thought...
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