Intergrated Project Deliver at Autodesk, Inc.

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  • Published : January 13, 2013
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Integrated Project Delivery at Autodesk, Inc.
Diane Phillips
Instructor: Melanie Clifford
BUS 518
December 2, 2012

Integrated Project Delivery at Autodesk, Inc.
When working at any company or organization, communication is the key issue in starting up a project. Whenever you being a project, the first step would how to communicate with the team member you will be working with. Bernstein and his team have completed an important project within the budget, timeline, and scope. In this paper, I will discuss the vision statement, and briefly discuss the following: * Generated for the project scope.

* Examine how Phil Bernstein foster high levels of performance for the project * Illustrates the unsuccessful tactics to inspire the team to greater heights * Create my own approach to managing this project.

Phil Bernstein is the project leader for IPD, and the construction project at AEC headquarters. Bernstein and his team shall develop, and implementing a shared vision that will help motivate, and inspire the team to work hard to make the project a success. The vision needs to include AEC’s communication for the workplace to demonstrating the importance of creativity and innovation. When starting the vision statement it should be simple, and expresses the aspirations and goals of a company or organization. When developing a vision statement this gives the members of the organization or project team the chance to come together to look at areas of expertise, and decide on the future of the project. The project is to use the Autodesk Inc. that produces software for architecture, engineering, and construction, to create a non-traditional office building using 3D technology. The project is to use the conduction of the new headquarters as an opportunity for its Solutions Division to combine the latest software capabilities into building information modeling with an emerging paradigm called integrated project delivery (Edmondson &...
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