Interfaith Dialogue Related Problems: Indonesian Experience

Topics: Religion, Christianity, Interfaith Pages: 2 (389 words) Published: March 11, 2011

Interfaith dialogue is a bright-beautiful idea. Especially in plural Indonesia which own Pancasila as the state foundation, interfaith dialogue should be a real experience. But, at the same time, interfaith dialogue is facing so many challenges. Based on my experiences, several items related with the complexity of interfaith dialogue: 1.Improper knowledge and understanding on religion as space-time bound cultural construction. So many people still afraid to use the brain gift for delivering ’ijtihad’. At the end, this fear is manifested as injustice and violence to individual her/himself, others, and the environment. 2.Violation against ’religion as a blessing for the universe’ Basically, religion teaches about love and brings the blessing for the human kind and the universe. But in fact, so many people, including religious leaders, turn this face into hate-curse face (Rome Catholic Church’s teaching on LGBT for instance). 3.Improper scriptures interpretation; separate from the context where the scriptures had been written , separate from the recent humanity dynamic Religion-endorsed women discrimination is one of the important impacts of this item. This discrimination will worsen women discrimination in economy, politics, law, culture, etc. The patriarchy culture contributes in bringing this impact worse. 4.Dichotomy between religious live rituals and daily life choice-dynamics-attitudes So many people can’t find their faith actualization in their daily life. So many corruptors are ‘religious’ people, so many people shout Allah’s name loudly while they kill others or violate others’ life and rights, people are smoking while body is God’s home, people throw away the food in their plate after a prayer before and after the meals, etc. The religion so many times becomes the home for human rights violation. Certainly, also in Indonesia, these entire dynamics becoming the obstacle for...
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