Interexuality Frankenstein Essay

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  • Published : May 6, 2013
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Intertexuality Frankenstein Essay
Mary Shelley and Mel Brooks both held a love for the character of Frankenstein but both displayed him in very different ways. Mary Shelley’s novel and Mel brooks Film both were very enjoyable but the differences they hold are so abstract it’s hard to think they could be related. Not only were the stories oddly different but so were the social and historical cultures in which both Mary Shelley and Mel Brooks Created their versions of Frankenstein. Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein in the summer of 1831. During the time in her diary she wrote, “But it proved a wet, unenviable summer, and incessant rain often confined us for days to the house.” This Diary entry that she wrote makes me believe that the weather in the summer of 1831 helped shaped her writing of Frankenstein. Mary Shelley based Frankenstein around a gothic and dark era, and the theme of Frankenstein could literally send chills up the readers spine. Within Frankenstein the sublime natural world, embraced by Romanticism (late eighteenth century to mid-nineteenth century) as a source of unrestrained emotional experience for the individual, initially offers characters the possibility of spiritual renewal. Mary Shelley set a more serious social and historical culture for her version of Frankenstein, but it was necessary to do in order to create such a magnificent horror story. The reader is so sucked into Victor’s world and the creation of Frankenstein, that they also become serious about the project at hand. The social and historical culture Mary Shelley created within the book is really what set the book apart from Mel Brook’s movie, Young Frankenstein. Mel Brook on the other hand created a hilarious version of Frankenstein, and yet still held on to the basis of what Mary Shelley created when she wrote Frankenstein. The movie, Young Frankenstein, came out in theaters in December of 1974, this was more than a decade after Mary Shelley’s novel and the...
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