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Topics: Malacca Sultanate, Malaysia, Malacca Pages: 2 (588 words) Published: January 1, 2013
The Sultanate of Malacca was established in the early part of fiftieth century, around 1400 and it was famous as the Malay Kingdom throughout history until 1511. It was founded by Parameswara, a prince from Palembang Indonesia. Another crystal clear reason that makes Malacca a place of national importance to Malaysia is its harbour. In the ancient times, the harbour was suitable for many large ships from western and eastern countries all over the world. However, today, the harbour cannot be used for large ships as it does not have proper accommodation. In October 2010, Malacca was awarded as world heritage city by UNESCO and the most visited place nowadays was Melaka River Cruise. The river was the main artery of trade for Melaka in its heyday when it was bustling with traders from all around the world. Some buildings from that era still stand majestically by the river, which is also lined by old villages, and modern day buildings. The 45-minute cruise is accompanied by an entertaining and informative commentary. The operation hour at 9.00 am until 11.00 pm. Visitors can take a cruise at Taman Rempah and Dataran Sungai Melaka. Fare for one trip RM10 for adult and RM5 for childrens. Furthermore, the interesting place that local and foreign tourist can visit was Maritime Museum. The Maritime Museum is housed in a replica of the Florde la Mar, a Portuguese vessel that sank off the coast of Melaka. The museum has pictorial displays of the history of Melaka, beginning from the Sultanate of Melaka in the 14th century to the pre-independence era. Inside the museum are models of ships, authentic maps, charts and old iron chests that were once used to store precious cargo. Tourist can visit Maritime Museum starts from 9.00 am until 5.30 for weekday and until 9.00 pm for weekends. RM 3 for adult and RM 1 for children as a admission fee. Other than that, Malacca also famous among visitors because of Taming Sari Tower. A 360 degrees view of Banda Hilir and its environs...
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