Interesting Islamic Incidents

Topics: Muhammad, Gog and Magog, Alexander the Great in the Qur'an Pages: 3 (1000 words) Published: August 2, 2011
The White Hand
Besides The Staph, Hazrat Musa (A.s) was also Blessed Wit "The White Hand". In the Pharoah's Court, Whenever He Used To put his hand inside His Collar, It came Out As White As Snow. On repeating The Procedure Again, It Returned Back To its original state and color. (Ref: Para 12, Surah Ta'Ha, Verse 22.23)

The Story Of "Gog And Magog" (Yajuuj Majuuj)
Zulqarnain Is also known As "iskandar" or Alexander in History of the world. He was one of the four lucky ones whom Allah had granted the the Conquest of the entire world, but the fifth conquerer is yet to come. He was The Cousin of Hazrat Khizer (A.s). Both of these gentlemen travelled towards the West to Find "The Water Of Immoratality" or Aab-E-Hayat. Hazrat Khizer (A.s) was successful but somehow Zulqarnain was unable to drink it. The Three Voyages:-

Anyhow he travelled further West, passing by various human settlements and finally came to a place where he found, at Sunset time, the Sun setting into A black body of water. Here lived a Group of Innumerable, Primitive and a Sort of Militant type Humans known as "Nasik". They were dressed in Animal skins and only ate Dead Meat and Fishes From the Sea. A part of this tribe was killed by Zulqarnain's army and a part of them who were blessed with the True Faith, were treated most kindly. Then Zulqarnain travelled towards the East and when he got to the farthest point from where the sun seemed to Rise, he discovered another tribe of Men known as "Munsik". This tribe used to sleep during the day and after the sunset they used to wander out for food. The Same Treatment was adopted in this case as the one in the case of "Nasik" stated above. Then He Travelled towards the north. In a valley between two mountains was another tribe which spoke an utterly strange language. Communicating with them Using Notations and gestures was quite difficult. The tribesmen Informed Zulqarnain About the attrocities of Gog And Magog "Yajuj Majuj"...
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