Interesting Facts About World War 1

Topics: World War I, Victoria of the United Kingdom, Edward VII of the United Kingdom Pages: 1 (256 words) Published: February 20, 2011
First war to be fought on 3 continents.
First use of chlorine & mustard gas.
First tank battle.
First use of mass airplanes.
First use of x-ray in the military.
First use of a blood bank.
First use of guide dogs by blinded soldiers.
First use of “Trillion” in estimating war costs.
The day WWI ended, peace was declared on the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month, 1918. •Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany, Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and King George V of England were all first cousins-grandchildren of Queen Victoria of England. •Some slangs which we still use today from world war – 1 are “Trench Coat, Buddy, Zoom, Zero Hour, Busted, Guy, Hit the Deck, Mess up, Get knocked off, Hike, Gadget” CASUALTY FACTS:-

During the summer and fall of 1914, France lost as many men on the battlefield as the U.S Army would lose in all of the 20th century. •Russia's losses were never actually counted. It is estimated that over 6 million Russian soldiers were killed in WWI. •During World War One, 230 soldiers perished for each hour of the four and a quarter years it continued. •In Great Britain at the end of the war there were 250,000 wounded soldiers who suffered total or partial amputation. •The U.S. was in the war in actual combat for only seven and a half months. During this time 116,000 were killed and 204,000 were wounded.
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