Interest Inventories

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* assess the child’s likes and dislikes or the preferences * questionnaires that ask you about your likes and dislikes in a wide range of general activities. Your answers are used to develop a personal interest profile, which is then compared to the profiles of other students or to groups of people who are successfully employed in various occupations. A high level of similarity between your profile and the profiles of students in particular majors or people in particular jobs can give you some ideas of majors and careers to explore. The results of an interest inventory might even make you question whether you want to continue considering a major if you don't have any real interest in it. Interest inventories do not, however, tell you what you should or should not do or whether you have the skills and personality necessary to be successful in those majors or careers. * testing instruments designed for the purpose of measuring and evaluating the level of an individual's interest in, or preference for, a variety of activities

1. Kuder Preference Record
* developed by Frederic Kuder
* provides a series of interest items arranged in triads, from which the respondents choose the one they would like most and the one they would like least. The results are scored and profiled for the occupational areas of outdoor, mechanical, computational, scientific, persuasive, artistic, literary, music, social service, and clerical a. Kuder General Interest Survey

* appropriate for sixth grade (but the original version was used in grades 9 through 12) b. Kuder Occupational Interest Survey
* provides scores showing similarities with occupational and college-level areas 2. Strong Interest Inventory
* developed in 1927 by psychologist E.K. Strong, Jr. to help people exiting the military find suitable jobs. It was revised later by Jo-Ida Hansen, and David Campbell * most respected and widely used career planning...
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