Interest Groups and Political Action Committees

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  • Published : March 23, 2011
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Interest Groups and Political Action Committees
Interest groups influence the American government very heavily and have become motivation for public policy. An interest group is an organized group of individuals, who together, support and try to publicly persuade the government to adopt certain policies. All interest groups are different, varying in size, purpose, unity, influence, and resources. They can range from mass membership, to labor unions, to large corporations. Interest groups have been the center of American politics for a very long time. According to the writers of the Federalist Papers, they favored the Constitution in a way that would both ease and restrain the activity of interest groups. Throughout history, interest groups have been very prominent in influencing change, policies, and social movement.

Interest groups have often used bribery to win over political figures, but also and more commonly use lobbying and campaigning. Lobbyists often feel that if their interest group has given campaign donations, then their voices will more likely be heard. Interest groups can not directly donate money to political parties or candidates but can contribute through Political Action Committees. Political Action Committees, PACS, are special interest groups that raise money for political candidates they support by donating a contribution. PACS cannot contribute more than $5,000 per candidate, per election and can also give up to $15,000 to any national party committee or $5,000 to any other PAC annually.

People most commonly join interest groups to express themselves because they feel they can contribute power within the group which they could not do as an individual. Lobbyists in interest groups are often strongly motivated and influenced by the goals and benefits of the group. There are many different kinds of interest groups including economic groups, socially based groups, public groups, and labor unions. Economic groups focus mainly...
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