Interest Group

Topics: Old age, Middle age, Political action committee Pages: 3 (1128 words) Published: March 27, 2013
Interest Groups

University of Hawaii West Oahu

Haijuan Hanger


Well I have to say that this is a very old video nearly twenty five years old, although the information was well presented. The examples with the AARP and the NRA was good as to explain the difference between the broad and narrow along with the quick explanation of a single issue groups. It did not leave me with any question as to the different types of groups. It could have used a few more examples of interest groups of both broad and narrow to give a different comparison on real situation that actually took place. Additionally, How lobbyist take action in getting their issues to the three different branches of government. Such as reports on how much a single type of interest group faired with issues as a result of their lobbying and putting pressure on different congressmen as well as the interest groups personal gains and benefits as a result on issues that they supported. No indication was given as the how much money was spent nor the slightest indication of what congressmen benefited if any. This makes me wonder if there are discloser laws that should be in place to prevent any wrong doing. Not to say that there was. The video, as old as it is provided very basic definition and really could have used a more current video with recent and current related issues of today. I felt more trusting with the example of the broad type Interest Group of the AARP then I did with the narrow Interest group of the NRA. I felt that the AARP was actually working not just for the members best interest but, for the elderly people in general across the nation and their families real issues. When compared to the NRA, The organization of the AARP from what I understood from the video didn't use scare tactics in getting its members active and campaign for certain causes. I can see how the AARP is one of the largest organization in the...
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