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I have been working in the hospitality at the age of sixteen. As I grew up, I grew to like it more and more. I like the environment that it’s in and the people I’m surrounded by. Not only that, I’ve noticed that more than half of the occupation pertains to hospitality. It would be a good start for a career. I have worked in a lot of areas including food and beverage, salon, and, etc. The one that I enjoy the most is in the hotel industry. There, I meet people from all over the place and depending how often they travel, I enjoy having that connection with each guests that stayed there.

Being able to provide superior service and getting recognized for it is one of the main reasons why I enjoy the hospitality industry. Knowing when a guest or a customer compliments on what you’ve done or what your business has provided gives me great satisfaction and encourages me to do more. Very much like the Marriott’s motto “go above and beyond”. Working for a business like the Marriott, who believes in taking care of our customers a top priority has built my knowledge and skills in customer service to another level. I like to practice the skills everywhere I go; whether if I’m on the clock or not. Practicing that, I can show to people that that is part of my mentality and very genuine.

The hospitality industry is always growing; therefore, career options is expanding and at the same time, creating more jobs. I have been working ever since I was sixteen. As I grew up, I have noticed that no matter where I go, I am always working within this industry. If I so choose to work in food and beverage, spa, salon, retail, front office or back office, they all have one thing in common; it is providing superb customer service and catering to the people’s needs. After being with this company for over a year, and having the opportunity to experience and learning what it has to offer, I want to pursue a higher education and a better career.

In the near future, my goal...

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