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Interdisciplinary Approach to Mr

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Interdisciplinary Approach to Mr

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Interdisciplinary Approach to MR
Jacqueline McManus
Grand Canyon University
Characteristics of students with Mental Retardation
Gail Harris
Mar 18, 2007

The interdisciplinary approach to mental retardation can also be described as a type of multidisciplinary approach. The major difference falls under the level of communication. When we look at an individual with mental retardation we can see many levels of cognitive understanding and abilities. The way we educate them is the foundation of their future. Whether we are able to teach them basic life skills, or general curriculum studies the impact will greatly affect their out come in life. Interdisciplinary Approach to MR

Issues in the Field of Mental Retardation
In a 1200-1500 words paper (using APA format and a minimum of three references), discuss the interdisciplinary approach to MR. Identify the disciplines serving individuals with MR and describe their roles. Include a rationale for interdisciplinary collaboration; address ways to improve cooperation between disciplines. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of the various definitions classifications of MR. Discuss the problems associated with the interaction of cultural diversity, linguistic differences, and mental retardation. How can these problems be resolved? Submit your assignment to your instructor by the end of the week.

Mental Retardation is a term used to describe an individual with sub average, general intellectual functioning. It impacts not only the persons’ ability to learn but often handle daily life functions. There are varying degrees of mental retardation from mild to profoundly retarded. Since there are many degrees of retardation and no two individuals learn the same, no matter what the disability presents, there are also many thoughts on how to educate and treat these individuals. The main objective for any of the disciplines we discuss is to promote...

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