Intercultural Relations

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  • Published : May 14, 2013
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Question: There is no need to study intercultural relation. Discuss Communication occurs between individuals who have varying degree of intimacy within each other. Intercultural relations capability is the degree to which people effectively adapt his/her nonverbal and verbal messages to the appropriate cultural context (Kiss 2008). Intercultural relations can be taken place when individuals influenced by different cultural societies exchange shared meanings in communication. Yet, intercultural relations can be formed of different nationalities, different ethnic and even different religion, as well as communication among individuals of different sexual orientation. However, communicating and exchanging values within different culture of individuals is complex as communication process is apparently complicated involving cognitive process, cultural background, individual’s linguistic capability and even biological process. Stienfatt and Roger 1999, claims that one of the most illuminating aspects of intercultural communication is that it opens our minds to the interplay of varied influenced. The world these days is facing great challenges of an increasingly diverse in cultures. Interaction and exchanging values between individuals from different cultures can lead to a whole host of benefits, for instance establishing good relationships within society and healthier communities. Yet, culture allows individuals to connect in small communities to larger communities through exchanged experiences and values (Lull 1995). Intercultural relations assist students step back from their characteristic point of view of seeing the world and demonstrates the influences that have constructed the ways of viewing this world. Cited in Stienfatt and Roger 1999, Gitlin 1995 indicated the concept of people thinking that human think within the intellectual and cultural currents that surround them. Back into the last decade, invasion; colonialization; and warfare brought individuals among...
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