Intercultural Interview

Topics: Christianity, God, Islam Pages: 4 (1367 words) Published: December 6, 2011
Intercultural Interview
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Intercultural Interview
This specific paper is based on interviewing two individuals who belong to different religions, which is the cultural characteristic in question as far as this paper is concerned. The individuals that were consulted for this specific paper belong to Muslim and Christian religions. The paper and the specific questions which were asked revolve around the aspects of subjective life experiences of these two individuals, milestones and issues that were faced and resolved by the individual under consideration, and his/her perspective in correlation to a controversial topic, for example, whether there are parallel factors between the image of God as portrayed by Islam and Christianity, and how much of a role religion should play in a person’s life. The paper further makes an inclusion of a description of these respondents under consideration, a comparison and an evaluation of distinctions between their responses, and a summary of chief findings related to the text. The first respondent is a conservative and practicing Muslim, who adheres to the fundamentals of Islam strictly and attempts to apply it to all areas of life. This individual has in depth knowledge of Islam and is familiar with all the intricacies. The second respondent of the paper is a moderately practicing Christian who is aware of the fundamentals of Christianity, and who believes that the basics of religion should help one lead their life but religion should be viewed in an innovative sense, and that, its application varies with time. The interviews with these individuals depicted that their life experiences also function as a representation of how their lives were shaped by religion. As far as the Christian individual is concerned, he has always had a very moderate view about religion and his interactions with people...
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