Intercultural Communication

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  • Published : April 30, 2013
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Intercultural communication

Intercutural communication is the study of distinct cultural or other groups in interaction with each other. This distinct is due to the differences among different cultures. IC examines the communicative behaviour of people within their own culture and compares this with the communicative norms of other cultures. There are 4 main elements of IC: schismogenesis, power, prejudice, negociate. These 4 elements are the common problems in cross-communication.

In the text extracted from Chapter 7- Wuthering Heights, the intercultural communication is expressed by the class distinction among characters: Mr Earnshaw, Catherine, Heathcliff, Mrs Linton.. In the context of 18th century, the class distinction in England was very significant, each class built its own “culture” by rules and regulations that cannot be trespassed by the others. Therefore, the communication among people from different class alsways created contradictions. The situation of the text is the meeting between Earnshaw and Linton family. The elements of IC is clearly indicated by conversations of Mr Earnshaw, Catherine and Heathcliff.

1. Power is the language use showing the inequality among people from different cultural background. In the text, Mr Earnshaw was a rich man, Heathliff was an orphan boy who Mr Earnshaw brought home in his trip, so obviously Mr Earnshaw had higher social position than Heathliff. When talking to Heathcliff, Mr Earnshaw tended to use direct language to demand Heathcliff to shake hands or make haste.

'Shake hands, Heathcliff,' said Mr. Earnshaw, condescendingly; 'once in a way, that is permitted.'

2. Prejudice is the attitude against others from different culture revealed in language use. In the text, Mr Hindley was Mr Earnshaw’s son, he had a hostile toward Heathcliff since the day he came. In converstion between him and Heathcliff, he used unpleasant words to talk to Heathcliff:

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