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  • Published : February 20, 2013
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In Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for the Subject
Human Behaviour in Organization

Submitted by:

Hosni M. Ali
Charmaine Fe S. Borja
Noe Cataluna
Eza E. Paguya
Joanna Camille A. Sihay

Submitted to:
Dr. Alfonso B. Hortelano

January 31, 2011

Sam’s unwillingness to work with the Office Services personnel, who were strikers. Objective:
To have a smooth transition of the task given from Office Services to Sales Accounting and maintain the good working environment & relations of the Sales Accounting Section. Alternative Courses of Action

* Discuss the problem with Sam personally
* Clarify the memo to Sam
* Request for non-striking employees from Office Services instead of Dualan and Rosales. * Give a Memo to Sam
* Give Sam a vacation leave
Areas of Consideration:
* Sales Accounting section is a close knit section.
* Chief Clerks are exempted in the rotation policy of the company. * Sales Accounting Section was known as the only section in which not one member was a striker. * Sales Accounting Section was noted as a high efficiency section. * Dualan and Rosales, who were originally from Office Services Section, were among the strikers in the company. * Sam was highly respected and influential among the Sales Accounting staff. * Gabby Herran graduated from Ateneo de Manila and took his graduate studies abroad Alternative Courses of Action (Detailed)

* Discuss the problem with Sam personally
* Advantage/s
* Promote open communication regarding the issue.
* Disadvantage/s
* He may not cooperate.
* Clarify the memo to Sam
* Advantage/s
* Enlighten Sam’s understanding on the given memo. * Disadvantage/s
* Sam will remain resistant to change/the additional task. * Request for non-striking...
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