Interconnection to Social Problems

Topics: Criminal justice, Crime, Criminal law Pages: 3 (988 words) Published: October 8, 2012
The Interconnection of Social Problems
By: Kelly L. Dudley
September 2, 2012
SOC 203: Social Problems
Professor Barbara Carter

We are going to discuss the overlap of crime, punishment, and poverty. Here are the points that will be elaborated on: Criminal sanctions and victimization work to form a system of disadvantage that perpetuates stratification and poverty; Punishment impacts individuals convicted of felonies, as well as their families, peer groups, neighborhoods, and racial group; After controlling for population differences, African Americans are incarcerated approximately seven times as often as Whites; Variation in criminal punishment is linked to economic deprivation; As the number of felons and former felons rises, collateral sanctions play an ever-larger role in racial and ethnic stratification, operating as an interconnected system of disadvantage.

Criminal sanctions and victimization work to form a system of disadvantage that perpetuates stratification and poverty has three issues which discuss. “First, we describe current trends in criminal punishment by race, ethnicity and poverty status and note the major social scientific explanations for the observed differences. Second, we examine how patterns of victimization vary across racial and ethnic subgroups and discuss their probable implications for stratification. Third, we consider how criminal punishment, and the associated formal and informal sanctions that it implies, affect future life chances.” With the first issue, this means that criminal punishment is done by social issues which means things need to change in order for some of the social issues to subside. Our second issue is where we see where and why the things are happening. On the third, we make our opinions on what we think might need to be done. Punishment is another issue we are going to discuss. Here we are learning when punishment is working...
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