Interactive Training Modules in Microcontrolling and Microprocessing

Topics: Microprocessor, Integrated circuit, Computer Pages: 4 (1045 words) Published: February 15, 2013

Computer Engineering Department lacks equipment when it comes to new kinds of microcontrollers and modules. Developing interactive training modules is our proposed solution to that problem. This interactive training module will be a medium to help students and enable them to get ideas on how to do their projects. This project presents the Interactive Training Modules for Microcontrolling and Microprocessing. It consists of combinations of different modules that are used for training that is available in the market and an interactive manual. The main objectives of this project is to have a low cost training module for Computer Engineering Department that can be used as an educational material in teaching basic microcontrolling and microprocessing to give the students ideas in creating their own projects. The interactive training modules will consist a microcontroller and different types of sensors, input/output devices, motors, and communication modules. Each module will have several easy to understand educational experiments and other using the combination of different modules. The interactive manual will contain all the instructions for the experiment, information about the microcontroller and other details that can be very helpful for the user of the trainer. A Gizduino (Arduino based microcontroller) will be used for this project because of being a low-cost microcontroller and easy to understand programming language which is C-based. We decided to purchase a ready made and low cost trainer that is easy to use and will have an additional feature like having a Ethernet Shield that can be used in controlling other modules.

B. Statement of the problem

The proponents aim to present the general problem and specific problems.
Microprocessing and Microcontrolling have become important over a wide range of applications from hobby, manufacturing, surgery until to the handling of hazardous materials....
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