Interactive Methods of Teaching English

Topics: Language education, Teacher, Foreign language Pages: 2 (617 words) Published: April 15, 2012
My work is devoted to the methods of teaching English.
Language came into life as a mean of communication. It exists and is alive only through speech. When we speak about teaching a foreign language, we first of all have in mind teaching it as a mean of communication. In teaching speech the teacher has to cope with two tasks. They are: to teach his pupils to understand the foreign language and to teach them to speak the language. So, speech is a bilateral process. It includes hearing, on the one hand, and speaking, on the other. When we say "hearing" we mean auding or listening and comprehension. Speaking exists in two forms: dialogue and monologue.

My purpose here is to explore the interactive methods of teaching English that have attracted the attention of the teachers in recent years, to show reason for interest in them, in what they are exploring, in what they accomplish, the principles and ideas that guide them. I shall make a lesson plan and during the lesson   I shall experience the interactive methods of teaching which give the foreign language teacher the possibility to master some new techniques of communicative methods of foreign language training. Teacher has to organize different forms of activity at the foreign language classes that is individual, pair, group and team. I shall present the most well known form of pair and group work the following kinds should be mentioned: inside (outside) circles, brainstorm, line-ups, jigsaw reading, think-pair-share, debate, and so on. Audio-Visual Methods in Teaching. Audio-visual methods in teaching can improve classroom instruction and student understanding. Hearing students are more focused on spoken than written. The recordings of lectures and films are useful for students to auditory and nuances of the language, like the timbre and tone of the gathering. Brainstorming method. Brainstorming with a group of people is a powerful technique. Brainstorming creates new ideas, solves problems, motivates and...
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