Interactive Media Report

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Introduction to Interactive Media Authoring2
Software Tools2

The Production Process3
Uses of Interactive Media Authoring4
Delivery format of Interactive Media Authoring Products4
Elements Included and Interactivity and Control Methods5

Control Methods5


Interactive Media Authoring is the products and services created for computer-based systems that respond to a person’s actions by presenting different sources of information, such as games, audio, video, text, graphics, animation and more.

Different software’s are used to create these Interactive Media products. Adobe Flash is used in many interactive media products to create audio videos, graphics and animations.

Software Tools

Adobe Director is a popular software used to develop video for games and multimedia. Director has many different features; some include “Strong video capabilities which let you create and play a high-definition video in the multimedia applications and games, Powerful 3D support to give you a more engaging experience and Enriched audio capabilities to make the applications and games sounds as real as they look.” As quoted from

Adobe Dreamweaver is an example of a software used to build and develop websites. Dreamweaver has many different features; some include “CSS3 transitions which lets you creates web animations and effects to bring the site to life, Simple site setup which lets you set up a site by using a Dreamweaver Site Definition dialog box and Live View which lets you have a constant preview of the layout and display of the site while you create it.” As quoted from

Mediator is a Multimedia Authoring tool that lets you to create interactive CD-ROM presentations, HTML pages and Flash projects. Mediator has many features; some include “Predefined Pages which is where the software starts up with a series of page themes that help you create projects and websites quickly and easily and One Click Export that makes it easy to export projects to CD-ROM, Flash or HTML.” As quoted from

“TheAppBuilder” is an online Authoring tool used to create mobile apps for iPhone, Android and Windows. There are many features included, such as a “Quick Start Wizard - lets anyone create an app in minutes, no technical knowledge is needed so everyone can use it and Instant Web App - instantly publish the app as a HTML5 Web App.” As quoted from

The Production Process

There are different elements involved in the production process. These are: planning, designing, the creation, completion, testing and review and evaluation.

All the people creating the product will sit down together as a group, and discuss what they want to create. They will give out ideas and write them all down. They will plan out all the different elements of the product, including the format, the contents and the layout for the product.

They will then have the design team create sketches of the product based on what they have planned out. They will create multiple designs for the product, and make changes along the way.

They then create the product. There will be a team of specialists who will sit down and create the product. They will take all the planning ideas and designs, and out it all together to create the product they have planned.

When completing the product, they will run it together as a team and see if they are happy with the product. If they’re happy with it, they bring in a group of volunteer testers to test their product and give them feedback. When given the feedback from the testers, they all sit back down as a group and go over the changes they will make to the...
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