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Chapter 1

Nowadays, computer became relevant in business, office, and education. With the use of computer, the exchange of information can be easily done. Computers are widely used for its effectiveness, portability, consistency, and accuracy. It is a very effective tool for the distribution of information.

In school, the bulletin board is used to post information for the students. It is essential for the distribution of important information inside the school. Although the traditional bulletin boards are often effective in transmitting information, some data may be lost in some instance. Sometimes the pins, pastes, and tapes are not enough to hold the posters and papers for the bulletin. The bulletin board can be destroyed by naughty students who like vandalisms writing unnecessary notes on the posters. Too much post may also look unorganized and some post are covered with another post. Since the school is developed for the students, the AMACU Interactive Access can give the information needed by the students easily. With its user friendly interface, any user with basic knowledge on computers can operate the system. The system will display the examination schedules, list of TY2S, list of Deans Lister, the active organization of the school, the organizational chart, the courses offered by the school, steps on enrollment and the school map. The proponents desire to enhance the traditional bulletin boards by implementing an interactive bulletin board entitled “AMACU Interactive Access”. With this system, the user can interact with the system. It offers a better presentation of information, immediate response to the needs of the students and other users and the data will always be updated. The proposed system is another tool that can be used in data distribution and gathering process and is only intended to set a trend and contribute to the technological advancement of the school, because the researchers believes that the school must be highly technological since it is the first and largest information technology university in the Philippines and it is a computer university.

Background of the Study
A notable precursor to the public Bulletin Board System was Community Memory, started in 1972 in Berkeley, California, using hardwired terminals located in neighborhoods. The historical BBS list on contains over 105,000 BBSes that have existed over a span of 20 years in North America alone. BBSes were generally text-based, rather than GUI-based, and early BBSes conversed using the simple ASCII character set. However, some home computer manufacturers extended the ASCII character set to take advantage of the advanced color and graphics capabilities of their systems. BBS software authors included these extended character sets in their software, and terminal emulator software authors included the ability to display them when a compatible system was called. Since early BBSes were frequently run by computer hobbyists, they were typically technical in nature with user communities revolving around hardware and software discussions. Many SysOps were transplants of the amateur radio community and thus amateur and packet radio were often popular topics. As the BBS phenomenon grew, so did the popularity of special interest boards. Bulletin Board Systems could be found for almost every hobby and interest. Popular interests included politics, religion, music, dating, and alternative lifestyles. Many SysOps also adopted a theme in which they customized their entire BBS to reflect that theme. Common themes were based on fantasy, or were intended to give the user the illusion of being somewhere else, such as in a sanatorium, wizard's castle, or on a pirate ship.

IT Innovation
Microsoft first released Visual Basic in 1987. It was the first visual development tool from Microsoft, and it was to compete with C, C++, Pascal and other well-known programming languages....
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