Interaction of the Branches

Topics: President of the United States, United States Constitution, United States Congress Pages: 2 (636 words) Published: May 16, 2011
Interaction of the Branches
The bases for the three branches of government in the U.S. is that the branches, legislative, judicial, and executive, would interact in a way that if one branch were to step outside the boundary set by the constitution the other branches would step in and pronounce the act unconstitutional (Patterson, 2008). So the intended interaction between the three branches is clearly understood, the system of checks and balances must be understood. The authority designated for the legislative branch, Congress, would be shared with the other branches establishing a system of checks. The same would be said for the other two branches. Congress of course, has the power to make and pass legislation. The judicial branch, Supreme court, can construe the laws passed by Congress that is disagreed upon and can announce laws unconstitutional. The executive branch, President, can also construe and find unconstitutional the laws passed in Congress. The President has the power to veto such laws. The Supreme Court has judicial power within its courts. The President has the authority to appoint judges, interpret court decisions, and pardon people convicted in the courts. Congress on the other hand, can determine the size of the Federal court structure. Congress can rewrite laws misinterpreted by the courts, impeach federal judges, and restrict appellate jurisdiction. Congress can try as well to establish amendments when it feels courts decisions are unconstitutional. The Presidential branch has the power to employ high ranking officials and make treaties. Congress can override presidential veto, impeach the president, and investigate the presidents' doings. Congress can decide if to pass laws and advocate money for presidential activities. The Supreme Court can state a presidential deed unconstitutional when done without legislation (Patterson, 2008). The above mentioned, states the intended interaction between the three branches of government.

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