Inter Texual References in Princess Bride

Topics: William Goldman, The Princess Bride, Fiction Pages: 2 (461 words) Published: August 13, 2012
William Goldman’s novel, The Princess Bride has different inter textual references.

Goldman’s novel has several intertextual references such as the irony in Shrek, the relationship between ‘The Good parts version abridged’ and the fictional ‘S.Morgenstern’s- Classic Tale of True Love and High Adventure. Lastly there are the unrealities of the setting.

Firstly. Goldman’s novel has an inter textual reference with Shrek. They share the same aspect of irony where the positive character is someone that before you get to learn more about them would have a negative image[Shrek(an ogre) and Westley(poor farm boy)], and the opposite with the bad character[Prince Charming(a price) and Prince Humperdinck(a prince)]. Both of these texts also have the same basic plot line. This is where negative characters are trying to force marriage upon a character(which being Buttercup(Princess Bride) and Princess Fiona(Shrek)). Both of these characters find true love with the positive characters and the negative characters get jealous and try to ruin it for both of them. This shows a strong relationship between the two texts.

Secondly, there is the relationship between the two texts created in Goldman’s novel. This is between ‘S.Morgenstern’s, Classic Tale of True love and high adventure’ and ‘W.Goldman’s, The Good Parts Version Abridged’. “Morgenstern wasn’t writing any children’s book, he was writing a kind of satiric history of his country and the decline of the monarchy in western civilization.”(W.Goldman, The Princess Bride, 1973, Pg. 29). In the text there is a disparity of historical events and dates don’t match up. This quotes shows evidence of that Goldman’s father did only tell him certain parts of the (made up) original. This is why when Goldman creates the good parts version the before and after dates don’t match up. Also, “But my father only read me the action stuff, the good parts. He never bothered with the serious stuff and all.”(pg. 29). This just further shows...
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