Inter-Religious Relations

Topics: Religion, Christianity, Religious pluralism Pages: 3 (1114 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Religion and faith are an essential foundation of life for many people around the world. It provides them with strength and optimism in difficult times as well as self-peace. Religion also assists in creating self-discipline and boundaries. Religion also happens to be a powerful contributing factor in violent conflict, sometimes due to misunderstandings of religious differences; therefore it is essential to include religion and religious individuals in diplomatic efforts. Interfaith dialogue is an extremely prevalent response to religious conflict and religious freedom. It is not intended to be a debate, but instead it is aimed at mutual understanding and problem-solving. Interfaith dialogue brings individuals of diverse religions together for extensive discussions about various religion-based topics. These programs serve peaceful objectives within the perspective of religious faith. There are countless interfaith dialogue programs worldwide with different settings, agendas, methods, participants, and outcomes; however, they all generally have the same common goals of inter-religious communication, tolerance, and peace. In November 2012, a program called "Generations of Faith II” was established and hosted by the Secretariat for Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs. Religious leaders and young adults of the Muslim, Hindu, Sikh and Catholic traditions gathered together to attend the “Generations of Faith II” event. The purpose of the religious event was to establish alliances between religions by introducing the members of diverse faiths to one another's beliefs and traditions. The leaders and young adults participated in small group discussions and prayer services. The group also viewed presentations of the art of listening, respectful dialogue, and inter-religious cooperation. The members attended the event with the common goal to achieve inter-religious peace and spiritual growth. The participants of this event, as well as members of all other...
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