Inter Relationship in 1984

Topics: Nineteen Eighty-Four, Totalitarianism, George Orwell Pages: 2 (847 words) Published: February 24, 2011
Examine the inter relationships between Winston, Julia and O’Brien. What is Orwell trying to convey by bringing these three people together? “1984” a novel by George Orwell written in post World War 2, explores the life of a thirty seven year old Winston Smith who lives in a dystopic society in London, an Oceania state also known as Airstrip One. Government control is presented through abuse of power in surveillance, propaganda, censorship and fear. Orwell presents the theme that rebellion fails against all totalitarian regimes through the inter relationship between Julia and Winston’s attitude towards one another. Also the theme of government mind control is conveyed through the antagonist O’Brien a member of the thought polices’ surveillance on Winston Smith. Through the protagonists Winston Smith and Julia, Orwell shows that eventually in a dictatorial state all acts of rebellion will be crushed and that these regimes are unstoppable. Winston and Julia share a secret love affair which is against party rules as the characters share a secretive family detached from the party. Though Winston and Julia calls their love affair as a “private act of rebellion” eventually this is found out by the party. Furthermore Winston’s dreams of rebellion are soon exposed by the party aswell as his secret diary which was also soon found out. Orwell shows that even small acts of sedition are pointless and eventually crushed by totalitarian governments, portraying the idea that we as humanity must not let these governments come into power in the first place. In the novel Winston is isolated as he is more intellectual and commits acts of “doublethink”. Winston’s isolation evidently leads him to place hope on other characters like Julia and O’Brien. Orwell presents the idea that trust is the basis of bonds between relationships especially for Winston in a society where there is no hope Winston places his hope on people who he believes can help him. However, even Julia his love...
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