Inter Office Communication

Topics: Chief executive officer, Executive officer, Chief executives Pages: 2 (428 words) Published: October 9, 2011
The first communiqué was in the form of a memo. The purpose of the memo was to advise the accounting department of the status of the due diligence investigation being performed. The memo adequately conveyed the intended message by using particular data relevant to the investigation. While the author is a peer of the intended audience, the choice to use a memo format was a good one. There is no intended leadership among the peers. The flow of conversation could be smoother in the beginning of the communiqué. As for the information presented, the amount was adequate. The second communiqué is not a lateral leadership exchange as was the first communication. The staff accountant is addressing the manager of the marketing department which is a step up in leadership. The purpose of the communication is to advise that marketing manager of the results of the investigation and review of financial statements. Because this communication is advising of results, the amount of information presented seemed hardly adequate and seemed less than final in its results. Instead of coming forth with a definite decision, the staff accountant talks around the issue offering to be available at a later date to discuss the matter. The letter format was more formal in nature which was a good style choice given the leadership differences. This communication seemed more of an invitation to talk at another time. The third communication was very well written and communicated. The purpose of this communiqué was to advise the sales manager of the results of the investigation. Again, it is not a lateral shift in leadership. While the communication was well written, the format would have been better served with more formality. The amount and quality of the information presented was very adequate and well versed. The particular data used was very important to the decision being made and was vital to making their case to not go through with the acquisition. The last and final...
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