Inter and Intra Personal

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  • Published : April 26, 2013
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Based on the case of Sammy, it is certain that there are several problems perpetuating him into negative emotions. By my points of view, mainly four possible problems result him in forming negative personality: lack of self-identity(lack of self-concept), low self-esteem, inappropriately expressing emotion(incorrect expression of negative emotions) and ineffective communication skills(bad communication with his family). In the following paragraphs, I am going to illustrate these problems with theoretical support and give some possible suggestions to solve it. First of all, he has no self-concept to himself .He does not know what he likes and dislike. The question “Who am I?” still confuses him that implies he is lack of self-identity. Self-concept is the totality of your thoughts and feelings with reference to yourself and is the foundation on which almost your actions are based (Rosenberg, 1979). It is formed from infancy; self-concept is developed by emotion experiences (Eder and Mangelsdorf, 1997).With your growth, self-concept is gradually formed. The best suggestion to solve this problem is to try thinking of preoccupation with the ideal self as your desired self. Then, use it to discover how to improve in some realistic ways. On the growth of teenage, people will have a sense of role confusion. They may think that why they born into this world. By the theory of Erikson’s Stages Psychosocial Development, you will know that the thinking and learning for each stage of people. In Sammy’s case, he is in the stage of adolescence that needs to develop a sense of self-concept and personal identity. The theory is also mentioned that the task confronting adolescents is to consolidate all the knowledge they have gained about themselves and integrate these various self-image into personal identity that is affected by different group like society, peer etc. As a result, obviously he lacks understanding of his values of life and the clear goals on...
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