Intentional Tort

Topics: Rape, Sex, Suicide Pages: 2 (894 words) Published: February 22, 2013
Intentional Tort is a purposeful act committed by a person against another person that results in harm. In this case it is a nursing assistant harming a patient. An example is a nurse put poison in the patient’s food to inflict harm on them. The case I found was about 16 year old Rachelle Harris. On July 4th, 1988 Rachelle tried to commit suicide and was checked into a psychiatric unit of Baptist Hospital. Rachelle was then raped by a nursing assistant on July 16th, 1988. Dr. Isabelle L. Ochsner found no evidence of physical harm by a rape test .Dr. Ochsner did conclude Rachelle was hysterical and very emotional, they had to sedate her. The police crime lab performed an examination on Rochelle’s clothes, her clothes came back positive with male sperm on them. Raymond Steward the nursing assistant went into Rachelle’s room, she woke up with him touching her body. She was crying and was telling Raymond she was a virgin, Raymond didn’t stop until he finished. When Raymond finally left she went into her bathroom which doesn’t have locks, to clean herself up and hide from Raymond. After about 15 minutes Raymond came into the bathroom where he raped and attacked her again. When he left for the second time she ran to the nurse’s station to use the phone. The nurse behind the counter said she would have to wait until regular phone times. Very upset she went to her friend’s room. Rachelle confided in Rosanna Moore about Raymond raping and attacking her. When Rachelle left Rosanna’s room, Raymond went inside and proceeded to show Rosanna pictures of his wife and kids. He was telling her he was a good guy and to please calm Rachelle down and no one tell anyone what happened. Rosanna then asked him to go get her a phone, which he set it right outside her room. Rosanna called her mom and told her everything, and then the mom called Rochelle’s mom and filled her in. Raymond disappeared from the building after dropping the phone off to Rosanna. Rochelle’s Mom met her daughter...
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