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Internship Essay

My name is Paula Rene Harrell and I am a junior at Elizabeth City State University in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. My major is Computer Science with a minor in Airway Science. My objective is to work in an environment that will allow me to excel in both Computer and Airway Science. My first internship was within the ONR program. I was on the System Administration Team (2000-2001). Dr. Linda Hayden was the Principal Investigator and Dr. Pendharkar was the mentor. The purpose of our research was to do an in depth study on the potential of programs to secure a system against outside attacks and virus spreading software. We also rebuilt an Indigo 2 from spare parts and created log on accounts. Our main objective was to achieve an understanding of System Administration on the UNIX platform across different types of environment. “Compression and Denoising of Astronomical Images Using Wavelets” was the title of my second internship. This internship was part of the Undergraduate Research Institution in Astrophysics (URIA) program as South Carolina State University in Orangeburg, South Carolina. The purpose was to rid of noise due to the intrinsic quality of the charge-coupled devices (CDDs) along with the bias and other image contaminants. We also had to compress wavelets using software called FAWAV. I participated in this eight internship during the summer of 2001. During my sophomore year at Elizabeth City State University, I had to the opportunity to participate on another research team. I was on the Networking Team. The Principal Investigator was Dr. Linda Hayden. Our mentors were Chris Edwards, Kuchumbi Hayden, and Ernest Walker. “The Implementation of Point-to-point Infrared Local Area Network (LAN)” was the title of the research project. The purpose was to allow information to be transmitted from one point to another without relying on any physical connection between computers. This project involves removal...
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