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  • Published : September 15, 2013
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There are a few topics in intellipath that not only did I find them compelling, but I went further and did research to give me more information about the following topics: intrapersonal intelligence, EQ competencies, time management, and work-life balance. After taking the multiple intelligence quiz, I discovered that I have an intrapersonal intelligence. I’m self-motivated and the driving force behind everything I do is for self-satisfaction. I found a quote in intellipath that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. It was in the information provided for EQ competencies. It stated that people with high IQ’s get hired but people with high EQ’s get promoted. I found that quote to be the best ever. I learned that being book smart is good but being in tune with your emotional side will also take you further. As far as time management I received some helpful tips about managing my time, so that I accomplish and succeed not only in school, but with family, friends, and my career.

Going into the weekly assignments in intellipath was definitely a big help. I found it helpful that the lessons are broken down into smaller portions and very detailed. I like the fact that you can go back and revise as many times as needed. Everything was clear and concise. I struggled a bit due to lack of time, but the information provided was great and navigating through the intellipath is simple. The steps are there and it leads to the next topic smoothly while including things previous topics. I was a bit nervous at first when seeing the time that is provided but after opening and closing it several times, I realized that it isn’t timed and it’s basically at your own pace.

I would like if more details were provided about the EQ competencies. I’m in tune with my emotional side and would have liked to learn the advantages and disadvantages. I would like to learn how to balance my EQ. More information about how to raise my IQ would have been something that I would have like to...
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