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  • Published : May 31, 2013
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Social media is a broad term to describe all the different kinds of content that form social networks: posts on blogs or forums, photos, audio, videos, links, profiles on social networking websites, status updates, and more. Social media allows people with no knowledge of coding or web development to upload and post unique content easily and share with the world instantly. Simply put, social media is any kind of information we share with our social network, using social networking websites and services. Importance:

Social media is gaining users and momentum, and it’s already making inroads into the mainstream. As such its importance is growing every single day. Social networks comprise more than your average geeks, with number of people using up at an alarming pace. Facebook claims over 800 million users worldwide. In terms of growth, social networking is expanding much faster than the internet’s a whole. Social networks have been taken over by everyone, from college kids to business people to celebrities. News organizations, politicians, and even the president of the United States have been embraced social media.(Brandon 2009) Advantages:

On the internet, word of mouth spreads faster than you ever thought possible. A good or bad customer review or comment can be picked up by search engines. Every time someone searches for your company, that review can be found. Now the review could be read by millions of viewers in a matter of days. As people gather online in social networks, they are talking about your products and services, whether you like it or not. Social media can be a powerful tool to help you spread the word about your products or services, but you have to participate in the conversation. (Brandon 2009) Medium of Advertising: Google and Facebook have been increasingly used by companies as advertising medium because of their volume of users and the approach they follow to reach the advertisement to the right audience....
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