Intelligent Parking System

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The main objective of this project is to design a more systematic system which can be used to detect an empty space in a car park building. The purpose of the Empty Space Car Park Detection system is to reduce unnecessary feeling of frustration among drivers as they waste plenty of time looking for an empty space car park. The system is also created to prevent indiscriminate parking among drivers themselves.

Here, ultrasonic sensors are used as a detection system and the information regarding the occupancy of the vehicles will be sentfrom the sensors to the PIC microcontroller. PIC microcontroller will then process the signal and trigger the servo motor and also the LEDs. When ultrasonic sensors detect a vehicle, red LED will be triggered and the servo motor will close the gate. On the other hand, when ultrasonic sensor detects no presence of vehicle, green LED will be triggered and servo motor will open the gate. The microcontroller used for this project is the PIC16F876A which is programmed using the C language as a medium of communication. The information gathered from the transmitter will be sent to the receiver via wireless using the RF transmitter module. Upon arrival at the entrance of the car park, a user interface display panel will be placed so that the drivers will 1

know the current available parking spaces. The display panels will also the guide the drivers to the empty space car park.


Benefits of the System

The idea of this Car Park Empty Space Detection System will give certain benefits to a few problems faced among drivers nowadays, the benefits offer by this system are as follows;  Allow drivers to immediately find available parking space without wasting time.  Vehicle fuel can be saved and air pollution and carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced.  Wear and tear on vehicles can be reduced where there is no need of frequent maintenance.






In the of year 2006, a total of 458, 293 new registered vehicles were reported compared to the year 1999 where there only 296, 716 new registered vehicles which makes it a rough estimation of 54.5% increase in a span of seven years (Malaysian Ministry of Transportation, 2007). Referring to the statistics provided by the Malaysian Ministry of Transportation, the current transportation infrastructure and the car park management are not sufficient to maintain the flowing in of the vehicles on the road [1].

Background studies on the parking system and its management system was carried out by reviewing many informative yet interesting research papers and journals written by experienced professionals. This literature review seeks to a better understanding of smart parking strategies by evaluating the environment, travel behavior and different types and application of smart parking management system.



Review of Smart Parking System

Shaheen, Rodier andEakes in their article said that although parking systems are installed in different approaches all of them still serves the same purposes. Generally smart parking systems are divided into five main categories. The five main categories are [1]:

a) Parking Guidance and Information System (PGIS) b) Transit Based Information System c) Smart Payment System d) E-Parking e) Valet and Automated Parking

a) Parking Guidance and Information System (PGIS)

PGIS has a few objectives which are to reduce the congestion level and also the time travel especially in city areas and also large parking areas. The system helps provide information to users by making full use of variable message signs, various sensors and also way-guiding display. In the publication titled parking guidance system utilizing and ultrasonic sensor stated that sensors are used to detect presence of vehicle and that information is sent to a computer for processing purposes. The information will then be delivered to...
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