Intelligence Quotient and St. James

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St. James Pre-School, the brainchild of Jaime T. Torres, a successful businessman involved in brokerage, real estate and agricultural development business and the former Myrna L. Monteallegre–a much-sought, able and successful teacher of St. Jude Catholic School and Stella Marie College of Quezon City was founded in 1971. It is now known as St. James Child Care Center at 949 E. delos Santos Avenue, Philamlife Homes, Quezon City.

Seven years after St. James Pre-School was born, a building arose along Tandang Sora Avenue, also Quezon City which was to become the main school housing both the Pre-School, the Elementary and later the High School Department. That was 1978.

Now, St. James School of Quezon City offers complete courses in the Pre-School, Elementary and Secondary Education.
In 1979 and 1980, the St. James Child Care branches in Sta. Mesa Heights and in New Manila, all in Quezon City, were opened.
1987 is another year to remember. This marks the opening of St. James School of Parañaque. Courses in the Pre-School, Elementary level and Secondary Education were opened.
Presently, St. James College of Parañaque is a non-sectarian, co-educational private school. It is a member of the PRIVATE SCHOOLS

ASSOCIATION OF PARAÑAQUE (PSAP). It is situated along Dr. Abrocio Santos Avenue, formerly Sucat Road in Parañaque City.

Background of the Study

As fourth year students of a private and high quality school like Saint James, we are exposed to different kinds of tests and examinations to determine the level of our knowledge. Living in the modern world, there are many different ways to measure the knowledge of an individual, there is taking the IQ test, taking the NCAE, NSAT, NEAT or by just simply playing an intelligence game like chess. People who have higher IQ’s are those who are smart and intelligent, meaning they have quickness in understanding. On the other hand, people who have lower IQ are not dumb or stupid as people say, but they are not just that intelligent enough or maybe aren’t interested or lazy when it comes to studying.

The IQ test is an aid in knowing one’s readiness of comprehension. Through this, we can classify the level of intelligence of a person more easily. The IQ test is also like NCAE (National Career Assessment Examination). Both trigger the mind and test our skills to know in which

area we excel and in which area we are poor. Their difference is just that the IQ test aims to measure our intelligence while NCAE aims to point out the field in which we have high interest and high comprehension. And to guide the fourth year students in choosing and explaining the career we would like to take and knowing which career we are more inclined to take up when we go to college.

Potentials/Inclinations of Students:

Scientific Ability (SA). This is an assessment of the individual’s scientific abilities and skills to adopt scientific methods, procedures and processes constructing knowledge and solving experimental or real-life problems. One who has high SA has greater probability to excel in academic programs that work mostly on scientific methodologies (e.g., medical allied professions). Those with average SA can be successful in the field of chemistry, physics, zoology, botany, biology and other courses related to medicine.

Reading Comprehension (RC). This measures the ability to understand what has been stated directly; to analyze, interpret and criticize what has been read; to recognize reasonable application of principles or opinions expressed by the author. A student with high RC has the potential to make sound interferences, syntheses, generalizations, or conclusions on what he/she read. Students who possess the skills will most likely succeed in courses that involve public speaking and even writing such as mass communication, teaching, theology and law.

Verbal Ability (VA). This subtest measures the assertive...
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