Intelligence-Led Policing and Civil Liberties

Mary Thompson
U07a1 The USA PATRIOT Act and Controversy
February 24, 2013

Some of the key components of the USA Patriot Act are warrants without evidence, this gives the government agency the ability to look through people’s personal life without serving them warrant to search. Government agencies also use the legal action of distributing all evidence and facts gathered through searches, and they now have the authorization to use wiretaps on all forms of communications that have vital information to their investigations. It was George W. Bush that put this act into affect with his signature in October of 2001. The act gave the different types of law enforcement new sources for gathering information. This power was given with the purpose of making the nation’s security stronger and spreading their reach to locate and prevent possible terrorist attacks. The use information sharing is the one of the components of intelligence gathering. Although it has always been legal, now with the new provisions of Patriot Act has given more power to agencies on the amount of information sharing. The agencies no longer pick and choose what information to pass on, they now pass on all facts to each other and from there the information is sorted. People are no longer seen as unlawful and lawful citizens with the Patriot Act, so now large sums everyone’s personal lives are being accessed throughout the country by law enforcement agencies. Information sharing has help our country’s safety, no boundaries on information sharing has given rise to large information centers on United State citizens, where possible threats can be weeded out. In the pass the shortcomings of information sharing was not because of legal boundaries, but because agencies were weary of sharing what they knew. Title two of the Patriot Act has help with intelligence gathering. This has allowed the government to use wiretaps through the Foreign Intelligence Survey Act. This means government to perform...
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