Intellectual Property in Iran

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Comparative Essay


The main objective of this article is to study the role of Intellectual Property Rights in Iran and draw a comparative analysis with respect to the same in the United States and the current international copyright agreements. It will also discuss to what extent Iran's experience of the role of Intellectual Property Rights protection has contributed to its future economic and industrial development.

The fast growth of the Internet and technology has placed a great pressure on the Intellectual Property Protection such as Copyright in Iran. Moreover, works of authorship, which are easily accessible on the Internet, are frequently copied due to the attractive reasons of low cost and the resulting high profits.

Therefore, the publishers or authors have overwhelmingly responded to recent actions taken with enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights to cover and protect the information being easily copied.


The aim of intellectual property law, regardless of place of origin, is to nurture human innovation and creativity without improperly restricting distribution of its fruits. Intellectual property has become a growing industry in Iran. Although it is still in its formative stage, it has become an important component of economic policy as well as a significant tool for sustainable growth in the country.

There are two major International Conventions, which are operated within the Global System. The Berne Convention is for the Protection of Artistic and Literary work and Universal Copyright Convention was developed by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization as an alternative to the Berne Convention for those states which disagreed with aspects of the Berne Convention, but still wished to participate in some form of multilateral copyright protection. Signatories to the Berne Convention are mainly European and Common Wealth and those to the Universal Copyright Convention are the developing countries. However, there is much overlap between the two. For instance, the Berne Convention states also became party to the UCC, so that their copyrights would exist in non-Berne convention states. Iran presently is not a signatory to any of these International Conventions.

Current International Copyright agreements in Iran

In general, international copyright law is concerned with the interaction of two or more nation’s copyright systems. However, Iran as with any other country in its efforts to develop its intellectual property policies has its own method of recognizing, granting and protecting copyrights. Although, other countries may grant more protection than Iran provides to a copyrighted work, it is well understood by those seeking protection rights for their work that there is no such thing as an International Copyright which unconditionally protects a work throughout the world.

Protecting Information

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 was passed in response to the reality that the World Wide Web has made it very simple and cost free to obtain any information which copyright protected such as books, music albums, graphics design or any information etc.

Copyright owners are facing significant threats of having their valuable information or work being copied and distributed at a cost free to a large number of audiences instantly and violation of their rights.

The expansion of the Internet has proved to be the greatest challenge to the Copyright Law. There is a misunderstanding that any information or work available on the Internet is fair game for any use by the web servers or the society.

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Intellectual Property in Iran

Iran is a country rich in resources that is located in a strategic...
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