Intellectual Capital Valuation

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Intellectual Capital Valuation Starbucks
Bonnie J Gray

Intellectual capital is one of the most important assets that an organization will ever have. It contributes to each and every component of an organization, and helps to formulate success, growth, and development. Understanding the value of intellectual capital can turn any dive of a company into a thriving successful business. To dig deeper into that idea, embracing the value of intellectual capital and applying that knowledge into valuations can bring forth new innovative ideas, growth, profit, and major success. Realistically, intellectual capital forms a foundation for an organization to work off of. When forming any type of foundation, it is important that it is strong, stable, and expandable. Therefore, it is imperative that intellectual capital is fully understood and protected in any type of organization, large or small. Valuation in itself forms the glue to intellectual capital and the organization. It ties intellectual capital to each portion of the business. It helps form finances, employees, work place ethics, and any other components that help build a business into a well working machine. Valuation helps to protect intellectual capital within the organization, while linking methods to growth and profitability for that respected business. There is an abundance of methods available for each type of organization in any given industry. The important part is to find the correct method for the business, and to also make sure it links back to the project that is being developed and/or implemented. Large businesses may implement multiple methods in order to continue growth and profitability for their organization. Starbucks is a fast growing, international company that utilizing intellectual capital to obtain success. This Seattle based company has implemented many new concepts in the past two years and will need to continue to hold their...
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