Intellectual and Cognitive Development

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  • Published : March 31, 2013
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Understanding Child and Young Person Development

Assignment 023 – Table 2 - Intellectual and Cognitive Development

Explain the sequence and rate of development

Age Range

0-3 Months
Babies at this age are learning a lot about their parents they are beginning to recognise the sound of their voices, especially Mum's voice and smell, they may stop crying when Mums voice is heard.

3-6 Months
Objects and toys become very interesting to babies at this time. Toys are explored with fingers and mouth. They are very alert.

6-9 Months
Around this time babies will cry when their primary carer leaves the room but then around 8 or 9 moths learn that people and objects do not disappear but continue to exist even when they are out of sight.

1-2 Years
At this time in their life they recognise routines throughout the day, babies may get excited when they see a familiar face or toy or when a bib is put on for feeding. They enjoy toys that they put things in to containers and out again, they may pull off hats and socks repeatedly. They also respond well to brothers and sisters.

2-4 Years
Children begin to know what they like and play with the same games over and over again. They like pretend play games like drinking from an empty cup or dressing up in clothes of their hero's.

4-7 Years
This is the age they gain load of confidence and co-ordination. They start school and learn to read, write and count they also do simple maths.

7-12 Years
By this age children are well co-ordinated, the way children think and reason is reflected in their play, they are much more organised and focused.

12-16 Years
Children of this age have learnt how to solve problems and have an understanding of reasoning.

16-19 Years
Decisions have to be made at this tae of ones life, if to stay in education or to find a job. If leaving your familiar environment you have to embrace new settings, rules and people.
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