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Intel Research Paper

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Corporate Research Paper|

Company Overview
Intel Corporation (INTC) is an American Corporation originated in Santa Clara, CA. According to the information in 10-K there are more than 100,000 people working for Intel and 55% of the employees are working in the U.S. as of December 2011. It is the largest and most famous chip making company in the world. Intel makes more than just chips; processors, Ethernet products, motherboards to name a few. Since the company founded in 1968, by Robert Noyce, Gordon Moore and Andrew Grove, it has grown to generate more than $12 billion in net income in 2011, almost 13% increase from previous year. Their innovative products and leading technologies are supported by investing in human resources, cutting edge equipments and factories. Intel spent $8.4 billion for R&D in 2011. Staying on top of everything is most crucial in order to succeed in a technology market. The company takes considerable amount of time and money for innovation. The company’s CFO Stacy J. Smith has the very knowledge the company needs to grow bigger than ever. He’s been with the company since 1988 and been a CFO for over 5 years. It says in the company website that the role of CFO is responsible for “leading the worldwide finance organization, and overseeing finance, accounting and reporting, tax, treasury, internal audit, and investor relations”. Since he became a CFO, the company went through a tough time because of the recession in the U.S. The economy being so fragile and unpredictable for last few years, Intel has been managing the tough time very well. After 2009 net income and stock price increased steadily. The company has facilities in China, Costa Rica, Malaysia, Israel, Ireland, India, Russia and Vietnam, 63 countries and regions internationally. Hewlett-Packard Company and Dell Inc are the biggest clients of Intel Corporation from the sale of platforms and other PC and Data segment. The company has...

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