Intel: Racist or Not!!!

Topics: LGA 775, Intel Core 2, Xeon Pages: 3 (920 words) Published: January 29, 2012
Issue Identification
In August of 2007, Intel made the news for ad that they release. The ad made the news due to that consumer found to be an offensive ad. In the ad that Consumers found to be offensive, it was to promote the next generation of Intel Core 2 Duo processors. The ad, had a Caucasian man all dressed in business attire standing in the middle of an office area surround by a group of African American sprinters. The way that the ad was laid out it was found to be racially offensive. Before the ad was distributed, Intel was able to pull the ad from American publications. Intel wasn’t able to stop most of the ads from getting printed up but the Dell’s catalog had printed the ad. Due to the fact that they were unable to stop the distribution of the ad through Dells Catalog, Intel was widely considered to be racist. Background

Intel is perhaps one of the most famous and recognized corporation on the planet due to them being the computer chip maker for most of your home computers and laptops. Intel was highly respectable and was always in the news for their computer chip but in 2007 that all changed when the racial ad was printed up. Intel was going for a different approach with that ad. At the top of the ad, there was a slogan which read: “Multiply computer performance and maximize the power of your employees.” It was to convey a point certain point about their new processor that could improve the performance of an employee computer and maximize productivity but it wasn’t viewed in the way that they intended it to be viewed. At first, they saw nothing wrong with the image, until it was too late. The ad agency that produced the ad would not say whether blame for the ad was being laid at the feet of the ad agency or Intel (Poeter, ChannelWeb). Impact of the Issue

Even though the ad was to convey a point about their new Core 2 processor, it was not viewed to in the way that it was intended to be view. Since there was a Caucasian male surrounded by what...
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