Intel Inside

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Intel Inside
Intel devised a successful marketing strategy in 1988 for its 386 processor – the Red X campaign. By the time the product started taking off in, it was already technologically obsolete. In the rapidly evolving technological market, it was impossible to brand and run a successful new campaign for each new product innovation. Intel also had to find a way to be distinctive in an almost commodity like marketplace. The erstwhile head of marketing of Intel, Dennis Carter put the puzzle together and Intel channeled its marketing into creating an umbrella brand that could sustain successive generations of technological innovations and of new products across categories. In 1991, they launched the “Intel Inside” brand ingredient program partnering with almost 300 OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). Intel leveraged upon its established reputation as a quality producer of microprocessors to differentiate itself from competition and build a consumer brand. Intel started marketing its product as a branded component which gave computer manufacturers and consumers reason to identify Intel in their marketing. Creating Intel’s brand awareness among dealers and consumers ultimately lead to higher perceived value of the computers which had ‘Intel Inside’. Consumers started understanding the value of Intel microprocessors and could now differentiate between different microprocessors without getting into technicalities. ‘Intel Inside’ resonated with quality and reliability. OEM’s initially came on board primarily because of the co-op advertising program. Intel convinced the manufacturers that featuring Intel in their own marketing would lead to higher perceived value of their computers. Intel’s program, apart from own marketing, contributed to manufacturers’ campaigns too – if they promoted Intel simultaneously. PC magazine trend emerged and grew – fueled by Intel Inside advertizing and this led to a tremendous growth of the PC market...
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