Intel's Strategic Move Towards a New Opportunity of Mobile Convergence Market in Order to Succeed and Remain Competitive in the Rivalry World.

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Intel’s strategic move towards a new opportunity of mobile convergence market in order to succeed and remain competitive in the rivalry world.

For many years the technology that Intel Corporation has developed supported the computer and Internet revolution which is changing the world. Intel Corporation founded in 1968 by Gordon Moore and Robert Noyce is the world’s largest semiconductor memory products’ company. These two people with some support from Andy Grove, who was in charge of the company through most of the 1980’s and some period of time in 1990’s (Calvo, R.2007 [Online]), have made this company as a world class organization. Up to now, Intel is constantly developing and growing. Last year the company was in the top ten highest recognized brand’s. (Interband, 2008. [online]) Also Intel has created the reputation for being the ‘world leader in silicon innovation’ (Intel Corporation, 2005, [Online]) for a long period of time, what enabled them for the constant expansion and success.

Intel Corporation has an impressive product portfolio starting from microprocessors to Bluetooth chipsets, which has generated a constant income in 2008 around xxxxxxxxx Intel’s main business is selling microprocessors (computer chips). As a world wide organization they sell to thousands of companies starting from very small one’s to multinational manufacturers; to distributors like Arrow. Intel was proud to announce that its chip is inside four out of five PC’s and Laptops worldwide (Intel Corporation,xxxxxxxx. Also their products are used in such devices as the Xbox and Ipod. However, Intel products are not only in use of for the basic computers that each of us is using in every day life, but also they specializes in adding value and placing the niche in industries like education, healthcare and gaming industry.

Intel is a very successful company and has a global recognition in over 95% of the countries all over the world (Intel Corporation xxxxxxxx. The organization has approximately xxxxxx employees and is based in over 60 countries (xxxxxxxxxxxxx) As every world wide company in order to keep and be competitive it should develop and expand itself. Intel applies the same practice in use. There are different new areas that Intel is involved and tries to establish themselves and take the same part of market segment as they are already on established markets. One of them is mobile industry. Intel made a decision to get together with the company like Nokia. According to BBC news two firms first announced their intensions to collaborate in June 2009. They were competing against such products like Android, Iphone and other smart phones leaders. Mobile convergence is a new step for Intel which had to be done in order to maintain competitive in the technology market. Taking into the consideration today’s competitive and constantly changing environment it is quite challenging to the company to realize where the strategic issue lies and where to make long-term investment. Convergence is a complex phenomenon working at many levels-convergences of the telephone network and the internet; communication and IT technologies; consumer and enterprise technologies and many more processes that one device is able to perform. The overarching aim of this process is to contribute to the world mobile devises and also change the whole idea and concept of mobile phone usage. We can see in our every day life that more and more people prefer to use smartphone instead of use the normal mobile phone set and what will happen in the future that we will no longer use the normal mobile phones and will move to use of smartphones and new generation of mobiles only. According ABI research last year a total of 1.2 billion phones were sold world wide. (xxxxxxx) This was one of the drivers for Intel to enter this market, as there is good chances to win it, however, we should not forget that this is a new market for Intel something they haven’t...
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